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Electric Bike Battery Charging Should Be Charged According To The Actual Situation

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Electric Bike Battery Charging Should Be Charged According To The Actual Situation

April 8, 2022
Latest company case about Electric Bike Battery Charging Should Be Charged According To The Actual Situation

Electric Bike Battery Charging Should Be Charged According To The Actual Situation

Electric Bikes can be described as a rapid development in recent years, a means of transport, not only small and exquisite appearance, and energy saving and environmental protection, will not cause the city's pollution, which has been widely used, because the main driving force for the battery power, so Battery car charging is very critical, and in order to extend the battery life, it is best to charge every day, and to correctly grasp from the point of time, under normal circumstances the battery are charged at night, the average charging time of 8 hours or so, if the charge After the mileage is very short, the battery will soon be filled, continue to charge will appear over charge phenomenon, resulting in battery water loss, fever, reduce battery life, Electric Bike brand according to the actual situation necessary to charge, to avoid damage to the battery, Also in the electric bike at the start should try to avoid the moment of large current discharge, because it is easy to lead to the crystallization of lead sulfate, thereby damage the physical properties of the battery plate.
1. Charger to match: If you replace the charger or battery, the best professional service personnel recommended. Do not worry too much about those data, because the general charger is set up, but the battery is a dynamic life process, strictly speaking, the current market is not enough to ensure the quality of the charger charger.
2. "ground charge shallow release", that is, after each time on the condition of the charge, and try not to use the undervoltage and then charge (this should belong to the use of methods), each time full, it is too late to fill that there is no way , To practical as a standard, can not be tired of things!
The factors that affect the battery life of Electric Bikes can be divided into three aspects. First, the performance and quality of the battery itself, followed by Electric Bikes with the factors, the third is the use of the user we will focus on the second factor to discuss.
In the Electric Bike system affect the battery life of the most important factors are two:
One is the efficiency of the motor state, followed by the design of the charger. If the motor efficiency range is narrow, on the one hand, the level of power consumption increases, on the other hand, often work in the low efficiency area, the motor inside easy to heat, when the temperature is too high, the magnetic material will appear irreversible demagnetization, over time, the efficiency of further decline , And thus into a vicious circle, this electric bike will become a sense of "electric tiger", even if the replacement of the battery will be of no avail.
In addition, the factors that cause the motor to reduce efficiency are: excessive wear of the brush, wear of the flat commutator, wear of the deceleration system, etc., so that the customer should select a motor with better performance and keep in touch with the maintenance service , Due to replace the wear parts, this will help make good use of Electric Bikes. When the electric bike into the tens of thousands of households, Electric Bikes will gradually be understood by people. A brief introduction to several major technical parameters of electric bikes is intended to help increase awareness of electric bikes.


Extend the battery life of Electric Bikes
For Electric Bikes office workers, the most painful is riding a no electricity, the most painful is what the battery is broken, to spend a lot of money to change. In fact, how to compare the battery with the province, we also know that now I have to tell you why the battery life short.
In general, the greater the discharge current of the Electric Bike battery, the shorter the battery life; the deeper the depth of the discharge, the shorter the battery life. Electric Bike battery can handle short-term high-current discharge, this time the depth of discharge is not deep. Small current discharge, even if the depth of the discharge slightly deeper, the battery life is not a big impact. Most afraid of continuous high current discharge and deep discharge.
Electric Bike speed of 35 km when the discharge current are generally 10A ~ 17A, that is, about 1C discharge, so the discharge current is relatively large. This battery is not only the capacity to decline, and the service life is relatively short Electric Bike discharge depth is relatively deep. If the speed of Electric Bikes to maximize, and the brake and start to accelerate frequently, the battery will consume more. This actually caused the actual life of the Electric Bike battery only a short period of 3 to 6 months, that is the best use of the battery power in 6 months after the downward trend, you will find that Electric Bikes more and more The more slowly, more and more no strength.

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